To begin with, Marriage University is for single, married & divorced people. It is an all inclusive program with a highly trained staff to meet the needs of people that are in any type of relationship. Marriage University recognizes that marriage is not for everyone – but connecting to people that have a deep chemistry with ourselves, is something that each of us are searching for. In addition, most people today are hiring Life-Coaches & mentors to help them deepen their understanding and love for one another – this is what the staff at Marriage University specializes in.

After nearly 25 years of dealing with single, married & divorced people, Ron & Trisha founded Marriage University. Their years of prior experience proved to them that most of what Christianity and other faith-based religions taught, just didn’t produce happiness and sexual fulfillment within a relationship. As a result, what is offered at Marriage University is original, broad-minded and radically passionate. It offers a spiritually progressive mentoring program that coaches individuals to become acquainted with a variety of successful techniques & coping skills that inevitably develop strong, impassioned and erotic relationships.

Sex is a universal language. Ron says, “There’s simply no way to divorce God from Sex – the two must be discussed separately and together within the context of our current culture. People are searching for God – whether they are considered straight or gay, they are spiritually hungry – seeking answers that are REAL. Every person is on their own personal journey (we need to allow him or her the privilege to make their own choices). They don’t need outdated religious rules and manipulative warnings to shape them into man’s interpretation of ‘godliness.’ They need to be heard, they need to be accepted, and they need to be loved for who they are. This is how Christ walked the earth and this is how Christ is still treating people today. This is the Jesus we follow. This is the Jesus that we share.”

Ron & Trisha understand the need for the above discussion and have a passion to engage in it. They have helped thousands of men & women from all sexual backgrounds to deal with their questions about God and sexuality.

Whether you’re single, married or divorced, there are critical times when we need answers and we need them fast. We need trustworthy allies by our side to listen to us and lend us support. Unfortunately, most people wait until they are underwater to ask for help. This is why Ron & Trisha feel it’s so important to reach people that live fast paced lives.

There are certain areas of  life that we all must pay close attention to. The following list represents some of them: our health, our spirituality, our recreational needs, and our financial state of being. Having said that, health conscious people get a yearly physical – they visit a doctor, nutritionist, dentist and usually belong to a gym in addition to having a personal trainer. Spiritually minded people commit themselves to a certain faith – they need clergy or spiritual advisers in order to expand their thinking. And wealth conscious people invest in successful financial portfolios – they need financial advisers.

But what about people that are seeking intimate relationships, shouldn’t they be on the above list? Don’t they also need life coaches and mentors as well? Yes, they absolutely do! They do if they are going to train to have a winning partnership or marriage. This type of success doesn’t suddenly barge into your life; it’s something that has to be pursued. We all must seek out coaches & mentors that will help feed our spirits and minds and help us set goals in order to make conscious successful choices in order to attain “great relationships”.

Start your journey today. In doing so, it will greatly affect the level of enjoyment, intimacy, pleasure and spiritual oneness that your life deserves.

Our Monthly Membership & Other Services can provide personal contact with clients and furnish each of them with resources that are uniquely designed to coach and strengthen their lives.

Finally, if you are single and are curious about “If you’re the marrying type,” you can take a brief test online and the staff at Marriage University will review it and personally respond back to you.


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