Amanda & Cody

Amanda and Cody

Amanda wrote, “As a newly married couple of 3 years, we were not sure what to expect from Marriage University. We both come from families of divorce. Many times married couples focus on the negative, or only the positive, and you never can really relate and learn from their experiences. Not so with Marriage University, they gave it all to us. They related their own experiences and taught us the secrets of spiritual oneness in the bedroom. Marriage University is truly an inspiration. Cody and I really are forever changed because of the staff and team at Marriage University!”


Sean & Tina

Sean and Tina

Tina wrote, “Shortly after our wedding, we went to a weekend conference hosted by Marriage University. It was the best gift that we ever gave ourselves! Anyone can have an average marriage. But we wanted so much more! Because of our ongoing commitment to Marriage University, our marriage is emotionally connected and affectionately intense. If more couples invested in their marriage early – learning and perfecting the tools that Marriage University provides – the results would be far-reaching and profound. Don’t settle for average, invest in Marriage University today!”


Andrew & Julie

Andrew and Julie

Julie wrote, “Marriage University was life changing for me. No ones wakes up and plans to get divorced, that wasn’t my story, at least I didn’t think it was. After 4 years of marriage, it was clear that my marriage had fallen apart and I had no one to turn to. Growing up in a traditional Christian home, I felt like I couldn’t talk to anyone about what I was going through being that ‘divorce’ can be frowned upon in the church. I remember there being days when I couldn’t even pull myself out of bed and I needed courage & strength. Marriage University gave me hope that I could have a tomorrow, reassured me that I could have a second chance, and gave me a new vision that I could have the future that I always dreamed of having. Finding mentors like Ron & Trisha, who have been married for over 30 years, and witnessing their passion and unconditional love for one another has been so inspirational for me. Today I can say that I have been in an amazing relationship for over 3 years and I can’t thank Marriage University enough for giving me the hope to dream again.”



“After 22 years of marriage and 3 children, my husband decided to file for divorce. I was devastated. Not only did I lose  who I thought was my best friend, but soon discovered that he was having a long term affair with one of my closest friends. Anyone who has been in a similar situation knows the darkness and deep pain that comes with divorce. I couldn’t see a future for myself. Actually, if it weren’t  for my children, I may have taken my own life. It was three years after my divorce that my bleeding began to slow down. It was also at that time that I met Ron & Trisha. Disappointingly, most people of faith still have the arrogance to shun divorced people or at least place them on a lower status level. NOT Ron & Trisha. They accepted me with open arms and listened to my story over and over again. They were there at the right time, every time. While the name Marriage University may imply that one must be ‘married’ to benefit, Ron & Trisha’s people skills far surpass the name. They bring a wealth of experience and love to hurting people from every walk of life. I couldn’t recommend a better support system for divorced people than Marriage University.”


Miguel & Rosa

Miguel and Rosa

Miguel wrote, “Our children have been a great gift in our lives! So why wouldn’t we put every effort into attending to their needs before our own? We agreed that our goal was for our children to feel safe and secure within our home.  What we didn’t realize was that as we neglected one another’s emotional and sexual needs, the further away we were drawn from having unity in our marriage. As a result, our lack of sexual intimacy bred resentment, frustration, reared combatant words, and rendered hostility towards one another. It wasn’t until we looked into the eyes of our children that we saw hurt, fear of divorce, and the insecurity of having a broken home.  Our home environment was far from secure.

Through Marriage University, my wife and I learned of the importance of putting each other’s needs first above our own.  In cultivating true marital intimacy through communication and erotic love, we learned how to yield to each other’s desires.  Little did we know that this investment would in turn give our children one of the greatest gifts – an example of ‘spiritual oneness’ within our marriage.

With spiritual oneness came the ‘power of agreement’ that nurtured an environment of safety and security within our entire family. Now our children see us growing and walking together in loving unity – and they are inspired and secure! What a gift it was to hear our young school-aged children say to us, ‘someday we want to get married…we want to have a marriage just like your’s and mommy’s.’ Thank you so much, Marriage University!”


Dawn & Patrick

Dawn and Patrick

Patrick wrote, “We have been to numerous conferences and seminars that were conducted by Marriage University, all of which have caused our marriage to flourish. Ron & Trisha’s latest book, Bedchambers, taken from the ancient romantic Hebrew book, Song of Songs, has unfolded the mystery of spiritual oneness to us in an incredibly profound way. Two things stand out to us about Marriage University – their commitment to excellence and their love for all couples. We highly recommend joining their online mentoring program today!”


Derrick & Emily

Derek and Emily

Emily wrote, “Like many couples, when Derek and I began facing pre-marital tension, we turned to our clergy for help. Though we felt supported, the underlying issues went unaddressed. Then a friend introduced us to Marriage University. We found Ron and Trisha to be trailblazers in the area of mentoring couples. The team that they have established at Marriage University tackles the uncomfortable or ‘taboo’ subjects few faith-based organizations even talk about. They provide practical insight and genuine solutions that anyone can apply to their relationship. Marriage University is relevant, authentic and real. If you desire a more fulfilling marriage, we highly recommend that you take the initiative and enroll today!”


Geoffrey & Shannon

Geoffrey and Shannon

Shannon wrote, “When we log into our Marriage University page, we can’t wait to read the inspirational nuggets of wisdom that we get each week. If it wasn’t for the mentoring of the team at Marriage University, our relationship, like many others, could have faced the danger of falling apart!

Every week, we  look forward to what we can learn to further strengthen our love for one another.”



Jason & TiffanyJason and Tiffany

Tiffany wrote, “Jason and I married fairly young. For me, marriage was a more difficult adjustment. You see, my mother passed away when I was only 4 years old. I never realized how much that would affect me until I encountered some of the dark issues of pain within my marriage. One of which was the loss of our first baby. That was really a very dark time for me in my marriage. Although Jason felt the hurt as well, I needed a motherly figure to walk me through my own emotions and that season of my life. It soon began to damage my relationship with my husband. During that time, a friend told me about Marriage University and their online mentoring program, it seemed pretty easy to join and at the time, I needed someone to really talk to. The fact is, I had no idea what I was getting into. Not only did Trisha take a special interest in me. She personally met with me and nearly adopted me as a daughter. The love and care that she gave me has left an eternal mark on my life. Today we are ‘lifers’ in Marriage University. If you want to meet people who really love helping couples, join Marriage University today!”