Marriage University provides a variety of services. Whether you are single, dating, married or divorced, we can help enlighten and inspire your spirit so that you can live your life to the fullest!

Our Monthly Membership Consists of the following:

1). Full access to our free website blog and our personal & candid weekly Erotic Blog

2). A Relationship Assessment Test – with a graded evaluation & a uniquely designed “Love Map.” Your Love Map will be the blueprint that Marriage University specifically develops to successfully enrich your personal relationship as partners. If you choose to, each month you will have the option to either Skype or engage in a phone conference with Ron & Trisha and inform them of the progress that you have made. In turn, they will evaluate your progress and coach/mentor you as you follow upgraded specific Love Maps.

3). A weekly podcast along with full access to our existing podcast library – currently over 4-hours of audio files. Subjects like: accepting personality differences; building trust; learning to live together; gay marriage; fighting fair; growing spiritually together; avoiding resentment; having other close relationships with the opposite sex; bettering your communication skills; opening yourself up to more free-spirited acts of sex; taming your sex drive & treating low-libido;  strengthening your friendship together;  relationship separation; and much, much more!

4). Weekly Text messages. Each week both partners will separately receive an inspirational text message from Ron & Trisha.

5). Access to our Private Vault of 50 Sex Tips.

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Marriage University also provides a variety of additional services that can be privately scheduled – if you are considering any of the below services, please feel free to contact us directly

1). A 30-minute Skype or conference call – $100.00

2). An Erotic Coaching Session – The choice of a 1-hour conference call or Skype session with Ron & Trisha – $300.00 per session

3). Divorce Recovery Coaching Sessions – The choice of a 1-hour conference call or Skype session with Ron & Trisha – $300.00 per session

4). Private appointments for an “in-home” consultation and personal evaluation; followed by a specific mentoring blueprint and ongoing communication with Ron & Trisha – Contact us for pricing

5). Speaking engagements for corporate groups, churches and non-profit organizations – Contact us for pricing

6). Parenting Seminars – Contact us for pricing

If you have any questions about the services above, please feel free to contact Marriage University at to schedule an appointment