Q. Marriage University is clearly openminded  about God & sexuality. Since the conversation of God & Sex is fairly untraditional to have among most people, approximately what percentage of each topic do Ron & Trisha cover with their clients?

A. Ron & Trisha have a passion for both topics. They are very candid when they speak with their clients about sex. Their latest book Bedchambers  is a testimony of that fact. They can often find themselves among people who are void of any belief in today’s brand of Christianity or even God himself. When they find themselves in this space, the conversation is 100% about listening and carefully connecting others to their creator.

Q. We live in a world where marriages have been increasingly failing for the past four decades. Millions of people have suffered from the failure and shame of divorce. I have heard it said that, “God hates divorce,” what are your views on this subject.

A. The Old Testament does make that declaration; however, God never implies that He hates divorced people. I think when Christians pick and choose scriptures and use them to cut one another, they entirely miss the heart of God. Divorce itself is a tragedy. No one stands at an altar and recites their wedding vows expecting to experience the deep hurt that divorce brings. God’s mercy is new every morning. And as much as we believe in the sacrament and holiness of marriage, there are times when divorce is the best decision to make given the circumstances.

Q. What does your “Relationship Assessment Test” reveal?

A. Our Relationship Assessment Test consists of 50 very personal questions. Once it is thoroughly graded, the results will conclude the overall climate of friendship, romance and sexual passion that a couple has for one another. Test results will be broken down into 4 categories. “Outstanding Couple, Consistent Yet Ordinary Relationship, Damaged Bond or Union, and Broken Partnership.”

Q. Can a single person join Marriage University?

A. Yes. We have many single and divorced clients.

Q. Can engaged couples join Marriage University?

A. Yes, Marriage University has a premium well-defined Pre-Marital Membership program that will greatly improve the foundation of your marriage. This program is offered through personal appointments or Skype sessions. You can find out more by emailing us at marriageuniversities@gmail.com

Q. Is Marriage University faith-based?

A. Marriage University carefully blends both spiritual, philosophical, and inspirational principles together in order to form the best-suited mentoring program for each of its clients. Ron & Trisha have a common phrase that they like to use which helps to create an atmosphere for the non-judgmental environment they wish to have with their clients. It’s referred to as the “No Stone Zone.” The phrase was derived from the beautiful story in the Gospel of John where Jesus stood between hurtful religious people and an adulteress woman and said, “He that is without sin can cast the first stone.” As that story ended, not one stone was thrown.

Ron & Trisha feel strongly called to embrace people with God’s love that have been suppressed by today’s religious system and victimized by intolerant attitudes regarding God & Sex. Ron & Trisha accomplish this goal through writing, podcasts, speaking engagements and personal relationships with their clients and others that they meet on a daily basis.

Q. Does a person have to be of a particular faith to join Marriage University?

A. Absolutely not. All faiths are welcome. We have a wide variety of clients from various faiths that all excel through the life-coaching process at Marriage University. Furthermore, Marriage University will strive to communicate to each individual on the spiritual level that they are capable of accepting and understanding.

Q. I have heard so many Christians say, “Hate the sin and love the sinner,” what are your thoughts on this quote?

A. Though that phrase sounds sensible to some people, I prefer, “Love the sinner and hate your own sin, if you must.” Each of us are too flawed to waste time judging others. Mother Teresa said it the best, “If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”

Q. Does Marriage University travel and conduct seminars, conferences or private in-home sessions?

A. Yes. Marriage University has been traveling and conducting both national & international conferences since 2002. As explained in our Membership & Other Services, Ron & Trisha also conduct private in-home evaluations and create mentoring “love maps” with follow-up coaching for couples that require more focused attention because of their fast-paced private lives. In addition, Ron & Trisha have raised 5 children. They bring a wealth of information when they conduct parenting seminars.

If you are interested in setting up an appointment for either a speaking engagement or an in-home mentoring session, please contact us at marriageuniversities@gmail.com