Ron & Trisha grew up in Roman Catholicism. Ron was from the typical Italian traditional family – becoming an altar boy at age 10, he aspired to someday become a priest. Trisha was born in Hungary and then adopted into an Irish Catholic family where she attended parochial school. Trisha had a spiritual conversion at 16 years of age that revolutionized her life. Ron’s life was spiritually awakened at 22 years of age. Both of them met in 1984 and were married 2.5 months later. Shortly after, Ron & Trisha attended Valley Forge University where Ron received his Bachelors in Pastoral Care & Biblical Studies. Soon thereafter Ron was ordained through the Assemblies of God and founded a church in Bedminster, NJ.

After pastoring for nearly 30 years, their religious views had significantly changed. Ron & Trisha retired  in 2016 and are now non-denominational. Because of this transition,  they are currently in high demand regarding the recent spiritual evolution that they had experienced while departing from one of the country’s most conservative Christian denominations. People, churches and secular groups have taken a deep interest in their personal journey. Their story is very compelling.

Throughout their married lives, Ron & Trisha have had a strong focus on supporting couples in their relationships. From 2000-2003, their TV show “One Flesh,” highlighted romance, sex & marriage and aired for 8 continual seasons. Its content was considered racy & liberal to most typical church-goers at the time. Nonetheless, Ron & Trisha continued to hurdle traditional thinking and build a following of people that were looking for a faith that authentically worked within all types of relationships.

They have conducted relationship seminars both nationally & internationally among a very wide range of religious & non religious audiences. Ron & Trisha have authored a number of books on faith & sexuality.

Today, Ron & Trisha are considered “Life Coaches” for people that keep a very busy schedule. Many people that have become disconnected  with the current state of Christianity are not attending religious services anymore. Ron meets with clients for breakfast, lunch or dinner on a regular basis to engage in a discussion that will provide spiritual insight and create an atmosphere of spiritual enlightenment, freedom, healing and courage.

They are the founders of Marriage University. Marriage University essentially mentors all types of people to become acquainted with the foundational behaviors that successfully build spiritual oneness & erotic love.

​Ron & Trisha are also available to speak on a wide variety of topics at corporate gatherings, private parties and non-profit events.

Ron and Trisha have been married over 32 years, have five children (ages 10 – 28) and currently reside in Naples, Florida.

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